Wednesday, Jan. 03, 2024 7:28 p.m.

first time second time

I'm reading entries from Fall 2004. The first confusing season of my life when I fell in love for the first time.

And here I am. 20 freaking years later.

Falling in love for a second time.

The funny thing is - I feel exactly the same as I did then in so many ways. The uncertainty, the stupid similes on my face, the awkwardness, contentment, happiness, hope...all these things I feel like I've gone back in time and am experiencing again, for the first time. Except it's the second time.


I was holding myself back from this for so long. I should not fall in love with him. I should not have fallen in love with him. We fucking agreed to it on our first meeting "No falling in love, right? Nope, no falling in love" we said as we shook hands.

Maybe I was an idiot back then. Naive. I trusted myself to hold myself to my emotional boundaries.

And actually, I did hold myself to those boundaries.

But I guess I should not have trusted my husband. I mean my then-husband. Now ex-husband.
But he was my husband for 17 years.
17 years is a freaking long time.
And I still feel odd sometimes referring to him as anything other than my husband.

But he's not anymore.
We've been separated a year. Officially/legally divorced for 8 months.

And now I have another man in my life. And we have a child together.

That was fast right? I know what you're thinking. And yes, it was kind of fast. But it also kind of wasn't as fast as it seems.

Blah. I'll explain the story of this new guy in another post.
But he's been around. It's maybe not as scandalous as it seems.
Or maybe it is.
Idk anymore.

But he's been there. He's seen me. He knows me.
He's a really good fit for me. It's almost scary how well we're compatible on the things that really matter like values & goals & personalities.
Actually it IS scary. It scared me away from him at first. I kept pushing away from him. I shouldn't've been allowed to like someone else right? I was such a devoted wife. Deep down I still feel a bit like I'm betraying my then-husband by getting close to this new guy.

But then-husband pushed me away & discarded me & I've accepted this & moved on.

I've opened myself up to new love.
And I've found it.

And I think there's real potential here. I feel it, I know it.
Maybe I shouldn't say this. But deep down I already know it's true. So I might as well acknowledge it.

We're gonna make it this time.

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